Gemilang Fajar

GFV 100B


GFV 100B in a set with rectangular case and violin bow

  • Handcrafted 4/4 sized violin
  • Well-dried tone wood, spruce and flamed maple
  • Spirit varnish
  • Teller Bridge (Germany), Chromcor string set (Germany), Wittner fine tuner (Germany)
  • Surprisingly good sound in this price range

This handmade violin is a solid and beautifully made. It is a fully handmade and aesthetically appealing violin crafted of massive quality tonewoods covered with yellow-orange spirit varnish. The two piece top is made of medium grained spruce, the two piece back of medium flamed maple. This attractive fully handmade violin will motivate musicians with its clear, balance, rich in overtone, sonorous, bright. This affordable violin ready to play.


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